Celebrating culture and intuition in the kitchen
8.15.22 Group Coaching This month we are developing practices to bring make cooking a joyful experience. Share your experiments and/or ask for support here.
An Open Conversation on Wellness, Disordered Eating, and Healing in the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC Community
How to Use Ancestral Work to Step Deeper Into Your Truth with Angela OcampoListen now (45 min) | An Introduction to Creating Your Own Ancestral Remembrance Practice
How to Survive The Depressing News Cycle
Black Joy Summit Workshop Replay with Lauren Scott
Meeting Your Needs while Leading Your Revolution with Gieselle AllenListen now (72 min) | Are you a leader of color who wants to lead and empower in revolutionary ways? Then you need Gieselle Allen... Gieselle works with…
You already knew your diet was a fatphobic jerk; but did you know that bitch is a racist too? Do you really want to be seen hanging out with the likes…
Learning to Sense Your HungerThis month’s funwork is to explore your sense of hunger by listening to the Sensing Hunger Meditation one meal a day. Share your breakthroughs o…
Black Joy Summit Workshop Replay with Yolanda Riley
A time sensitive gift for community members
Spirit Twerk and Black Queer, Trans, and Intersex Liberation Listen now (70 min) | Exploring Ancestor Veneration and Liberated Spiritual Practices with Kris Henry