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Body Liberation for All is a newsletter that helps QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) live the healthiest and happiest version of their lives by teaching folks how to use holistic wellness to counter the damage of systemic oppression.

About Me

Hi I’m Dalia Kinsey!

I am a Registered Dietitian, host of the Body Liberation for All podcast, and author of the Decolonizing Wellness: A QTBIPOC-Centered Guide to Escape the Diet Trap, Heal Your Self-Image, and Achieve Body Liberation.

On my mission to spread joy, reduce suffering, and eliminate health disparities in my QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community, I teach people to use nutrition as a self-care and personal empowerment tool.

While everyone is welcome here, I’m dedicated to amplifying the health and happiness of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and asexual/ aromantic/ agender) folks, and center my content accordingly.

Here’s my story

In my mid-twenties I became severely ill. Fighting through the process of getting to the root of what was causing my hair to fall out in clumps, excessive sweating, hand tremors so severe that I couldn’t hold a pen, and fatigue that made me fall asleep behind the wheel after 10+ hours of sleep, taught me unforgettable lessons about how deeply inadequate health care can be when it comes to supporting folks of color in a health crisis.

Visit after visit physicians blamed my steadily increasing weight for my symptoms, repeatedly failing to offer me individualized treatment, getting stuck on my skin color and body size. After years of effort, I was eventually diagnosed with Grave’s Disease a chronic autoimmune condition. While my weight had nothing to do with my symptoms, weight bias and racist assumptions about ability to care for myself almost cost me my life.

Fatphobia, racism, homophobia, and misogyny have real life consequences for our health.

The parting advice I received from the diagnosing physician once I entered remission was to “avoid stress” so that I could stay in remission.

When Georgia Floyd was murdered, and I found myself simultaneously living through the second wave of the civil rights movement and a global pandemic I was overwhelmed by anxiety and heartbreak.

I looked everywhere for information to help me navigate dealing with chronic stress that never ends. Every resource I found only addressed temporary stressful events, like a move, a job change, or the end of a relationship – events that anyone can experience.

I couldn’t find a single resource that addressed how to manage the relentless stress that Black, AFAB(assigned female at birth), queer folks like myself experience because of racism, homophobia, and misogyny.

The process of developing my own framework for protective self-care has lead my practice to where it is today.

I welcome everyone into my practice but I center the most vulnerable because people with marginalized identities deserve care that is tailored to our unique lived experiences and powerful enough to support our healing.

The good news is that nutrition can be used as a powerful mindfulness and self-care tool.

My approach to wellness is mind, body, spirit.

This is what it took to nurture myself to remission, and what it takes to stay in remission.

In addition to my training as a Registered Dietitian, I have spent years diving into women’s studies, studying racial bias, weight stigma, fatphobia, and minority stress theory to understand our unique barriers to wellness.

I leverage the power of ancestral healing tools and empowered eating habits to help clients feel good in their bodies and take control of their lives.

Practices that keep us grounded in the present moment and connect us to our bodies are incredibly protective.

If you are ready to up your peace, reclaim your health, and learn to feel good in your body, I can help. 

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Dalia Kinsey

Author of Decolonizing Wellness: A QTBIPOC-Centered Guide to Escape the Diet Trap, Heal Your Self-Image, and Achieve Body Liberation