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Story Time : The COVID Edition

Dealing with Faux Allies/Learning to not Get Played

After evading COVID for over 2 years it finally got me last week. It’s wiped me out for about 9 days so far so I’m taking this as an invitation to experiment with Substack’s new video posts.

My ability to rest for extended periods was really tested this week. I’m considering delaying the promised list (4.15 newsletter) of restful activities a sign of progress. I do love a deadline but when your body says sit down, sit down you must. I hope you’ll continue experimenting with what feels good for you. I’ll dedicate a full post to restful activities/making rest joyful next month.

The supporter goodie this week is downloadable journal pages for the next time you need to check in and see if a partnership feels off to you.

New Partnership Journal Prompts

As always supporting members are welcome to hop on over to the community corner to deepen the conversation Dealing with Faux Allies

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