Body Liberation for All
Body Liberation for All
Social Justice and Liberated Fitness with Sarah Merrifield | Episode 12

Social Justice and Liberated Fitness with Sarah Merrifield | Episode 12

Today's guest stands out from her peers as personal trainer and yoga teacher committed to social justice who uses liberated fitness to help clients escape from the dominant culture's oppressive version of fitness.  Sarah's belief that the body should be moved in ways that feel good and that an obsessive focus on size is not health promoting, aligns perfectly with the liberatory message of the show.  Her insights as a life long learner dedicated to research and learning to Do Better brings depth to the conversation of navigating appropriated spaces as a cis-queer woman with white skin.  

This episode we discuss 

🌈sharing yoga as a spiritual practice as an atheist

🌈making yoga and fitness accessible and inclusive

🌈recognizing that everything you need is within you 

🌈applying activism and social justice to wellness 

🌈finding a spiritual practice that supports you 

🌈navigating cultural appropriation in faith spaces

🌈why we have to center the most vulnerable in our activism 

Episode Resources

Decolonizing Wellness: A QTBIPOC-Centered Guide to Escape the Diet Trap, Heal Your Self-Image, and Achieve Body Liberation

Connect with Sarah on IG

And her latest offering; a 3-month coaching program to take you from an unhealthy, restrictive, and obsessive relationship with fitness to a healthy, balanced, and intuitive one that brings peace, healing, and self-love. Includes online lessons, worksheets, individual coaching, and group support

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Body Liberation for All
Body Liberation for All
Holistic Registered Dietitian Dalia Kinsey created Body Liberation for All as a resource for QTBIPOC folks who are ready to become the happiest version of themselves, using healing tools tailored for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ folx. Since wellness is multi-factorial each season covers a broad range of tools (sexual expression, indigenous medicine, mindfulness etc.) for the pursuit of happiness. Special guests and healers join throughout each season to share their journeys to inner peace and fulfillment.